Chilled Samplers

These samplers are dipped into molten metal to extract a sample of the steel/hot metal which can be analyzed for the composition. The sampler comprises of 2 chill plates molded into a shell core/ceramic body. The sampler is fixed inside a convolute wound paper tube with customer specific lengths. Three different sampler shapes are available viz-a-viz Oval, Round and Dual-Thickness. Ultra low-carbon samplers with dual thickness chill plates and a high alumina non-splash sleeve are manufactured as standard and can also be customized as per requirement.

Dual/Combined Probes- Sampling and Temperature Sensors

We offer combined sensors for both primary and secondary metallurgy. These probes aid in reducing the measurement time and subsequently improve operator safety by reducing the number of molten metal immersions required.

Special Samplers

We manufacture a number of samplers for specific applications as follows:

  1. Ultra Low Carbon Samplers: For use in degassed grades to sample ultra low carbon steels. The samplers are usually manufactured with thick dual-thickness chill plates accompanied by a high alumina non-splash sleeve on the paper tube for prevention of paper tube burning and sample contamination.
  2. Chilled steel samplers with combustion lugs: For use in steel melts which require analysis of gaseous elements and elements such as sulphur, etc. The sample is round in shape for a standard OES analysis and additionally contains “fins” which are ideally suited to be directly used in combustion analysis.
  3. Pin samplers: For use in steel melts which require rapid combustion analysis results. The diameter and length of the pin can be customized as per requirement.