Hydrogen Probe


Hydrogen in Steel is a major cause of embrittlement and development of hairline cracks in carbon and alloy steels. Thicker steel sections are particularly more prone to hydrogen induced embrittlement and can cause unexpected and catastrophic failure.

We offer on-line hydrogen sensors based on Sievert’s Law to rapidly measure hydrogen content in steel.


[H] = concentration of hydrogen in liquid steel ;

K = Equilibrium constant;

f = Hydrogen activity coefficient;

PH2 = Partial pressure of hydrogen in the gas mixture

The probe is immersed into molten steel at the de-gassing station or in the tundish for a maximum of 50 seconds and the system finds an equilibrium hydrogen value in the melt. The carrier gas used for measuring Hydrogen is Nitrogen and the gas mixture is recirculated in the system to determine the equilibrium hydrogen concentration via a thermal conductivity detector.

The Hysen®probe can be customized as per requirement.