We design and manufacture custom equipment for steel plants to augment ease of processing and to improve safety and accuracy of liquid metal processing. Some of the equipment we design and manufacture are:


We design custom manipulators and automatic lances based on customer site conditions. Most of our equipment is retrofitted and hence we take extreme care in designing and building custom solutions for our customers. We have an experience of over 20 years of designing and manufacturing automatic lances.

Thermtip/Actose and Sampling Autolance system

We design and manufacture custom manipulator systems as per site and user requirements. Below is an example of a unique proof of concept system which was installed at a customer site to measure temperature intermittently in the tundish using a permanent thermocouple. The system is called on-demand temperature. As the name suggests the permanent temperature probe used in the system can be used in conjunction with the specially designed manipulator to measure temperature in the steel tundish remotely without the need to depend on dip type temperature probes.

On Demand Temperature

Acutap Dropper System


We also manufacture efficient 2 strand and 4 strand wire feeders for injecting cored wire and solid wires into molten metal. We design custom wire feeding solutions for injecting small diameter cored wires ( 9mm and 13mm) and also special wires having high tensile strength and larger diameters (upto 25mm). Our wire feeders ensure maximum feeding efficiency, low/negligible slippage, easy and low cost maintenance. We have installed several wire feeder systems across multiple customer sites across India with some operating continuously for over 15 years. For more information, please contact us.