Arrdy Engineering Innovations Pvt Ltd is a market leader in measurement solutions for the metallurgical industry. With over 40 years of experience in the iron and steel industry, we are the preferred vendor for critical measurement and instrumentation requirements for molten metal applications. Our range of single use sensors and associated instrumentation encompass almost all measurement applications for molten metals. We have over 4 filed US Patents and 7 Indian Patents in the field of single use sensors for molten metal applications. We are constantly bringing new innovative solutions to the iron and steel industry to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. Our achievements over the years are listed below:

1980– First in India to introduce Sinterplant automation system at sinter plant 2, at SAIL, Bhilai- CRM/IRM Belgium
– First in India with active oxygen sensors
1982First in India with Sublance (Dynamic control of BOF) consumables  for Tata Steel and Visakhapatnam Steel Plant
1983First in India with the mini disposable T/C’s for molten metal
1985First in India with the convolute paper tubes and machines
1990First in India with the total oxygen measurement sampler
1996First in India with on-line hydrogen measurement system
2004Development and patenting of high-dimensional reactive aluminium cored wire ReAl for high efficiency de-oxidation of molten metal
2008First in India to introduce continuous temperature measurement for Tundish
2010First in India with the BOF drop sensor. Product indigenized in 2014
2012Development and patenting of technology for disposable fiber-optic based accurate temperature measurement of molten metals
2013Indigenous development of hydrogen sensors required for on-line hydrogen measurement
2014Indigenous development and patenting of technology for sensor for continuous temperature measurement in tundish
2015Indigenous development of  stabilized zirconia solid electrolyte for active oxygen sensors
2017Indigenous development of measuring instruments for temperature and active oxygen measurement in molten metals
2019Indigenous development of Sublance sensors and accessories
2022Successful installation and running of 3rd BOF drop sensor system at Tata Steel